Meet the CoachAntonio Coleman, Sr. is a top performance coach dedicated to training, directing, and teaching athletes to reach their full potential and beyond; through a functional synergistic strength and conditioning program that enhances performance not only in athletics but in everything you do. Coleman challenges clients to push past the pain in order to go beyond the talent and ability GOD gave them. His 21 years of coaching experience and training led him to create an effective program that maximizes the Neuroendocrine response which catapults the athlete into a faster, stronger more enduring self. His passion for performance training/coaching led him to create a philosophy which is the foundation of the Game Speed Performance Academy. Game Speed provides comprehensive cutting-edge training for individuals of all ability levels. With a commitment to developing the physical, spiritual and mental attributes, with a specific focus on instilling the core values of hard work, dedication, self-discipline and most important confidence because confidence allow you to perform at you best under pressure. Game Speed Performance Academy will test the upper limits of the human capacity for PERFORMANCE.



Coleman has extensive knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the human body; he holds three certifications: Personal Training and Sports Nutrition, National Personal Training Institute, and CrossFit Training in his continual pursuit of knowledge in Exercise Science, Biomechanics and Kinesiology. He has worked with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from elite athletes to those new to the fitness world, training males and females in nearly every sport ranging from elementary school to NCAA Divisions I athletes as well as professionals. Coleman exudes the drive, passion, and persistence necessary to create a movement towards healthy lifestyles. His respect for his craft and love for education, sports, health and wellness for all people combined with dedication to his clients generated mutual respect within the coaching community. An experienced  High School Track coach Coleman has created several successful track programs including breaking 16 school records at Twinsburg High School, qualified 56 Sprinters and hurdlers in the Indoor and Outdoor Ohio State Track and Field Championships, Midwest Meet Of Champions Hurdle, 400m and 4×400, Coach-Winning the Championship title five out of seven years. In his first year as Head coach at Garfield High School he created a successful track program breaking 9 school and 7 conference records and in his second year the girls qualified to the state championship in the 4×200 and 4×100 relays for the first time in school history. Coleman is now the Head coach at Warrensville Heights boys track team and has coach 7 school records and 6 individual state champs and a State runner up title in 2017. Coleman makes it a point to consistently give back; in addition to speed, agility, and strength training he created he makes an effort to teach young men how to love through mentoring. “A truly healthy lifestyle encompasses mind, body, and spirit and I understand you cannot give what you do not have; I want to encourage others to be their best version of self” says Coleman.